Favourite Places and Products

Please note I have no affiliation to these companies, but I have used them or their products and found them to provide high quality products and services - so these are generally the first places I return to when shopping!

Self Help...

Power related topic FAQ's -

Cable Manufacturers...

Van Den Hul - superb industrial strength cables and ultra fine phono cartridges
DH Labs - high quality cables suited to home audio
Furutech - - superb industrial strength cables and connectors
Stager Sound Systems - solid silver interconnects
Signal Cable - exceptional quality and value for all cable types

Links to Products Used...

Power Related

NOTE: for Canadian readers - all DH Labs product I order from Parts Connexion

Interconnect Related

Turntable and Phono Related
Speaker and Cables Related

On-line ordering Favourites...

Take Five Audio - DIY parts and tonearm rewire + lots more - great product and prices!
Isokinetik - Turntable upgrades and tweaks - excellent product/service!
Parts Connexion - audio parts supply in Burlington, Canada - excellent service!
Needle Doctor - everything phono stage related - huge selection - timely delivery!
Michell Engineering - turntable specialists + upgrades and tweaks - excellent product/service
SRM/TECH - turntable specialists + upgrades and tweaks - excellent product/service

Repairs and Electronics Upgrades

ExcelStereo.com - component upgrades, circuit assessments and crossover rebuilds - excellent service

Toronto Area Audio Stores

AudioExcellence (Vaughan)
  • great prices on bulk cables, outlets and connectors
  • extensive product lineup (large McIntosh selection)
  • A/V consultants/specialists
  • willing to audition

Executive Stereo (Toronto)
  • large current vinyl selection
  • some very nice 'vinyl centric" products on display
  • very willing to audition

Audio Eden (Aurora)
  • very helpful with respect to discussing product choices
  • good/current vinyl selection (good prices)
  • some very nice high-end product on display
  • large selection of "previously enjoyed" items on display
  • very willing to audition

Around Again Records (Toronto)
  • a vast wall-to-wall selection of new and "previously enjoyed" vinyl and CD's - it's cram-packed!!!
  • great prices
  • most "good quality" used albums are in very good condition and clean (i.e. those not the $1.00 box)
  • new inner and outer sleeves are provided on the better albums
  • a turntable + headphones are available to listen to used albums before you buyHappy